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Andre Patry


Andre has spent his entire professional career in construction, doing all kinds of work. He has worn many hats in the building industry, but is happiest when he is working with his hands. He has his CDL license, is certified in OSHA 40, and has completed training through Buddy Rhode Concrete. 

Andre is from Longueuil, Québec, Canada but has spent much of his career in the U.S. including San Francisco. He currently lives in Saint George after relocating to Vermont to be closer to his daughters and their families. In his free time Andre loves to hike, swim, or even scuba dive! Andre loves coffee, diet coke, sushi, and Thai food.

Did you know?

If Andre had a superpower, it would be to read people’s minds.


Andre has always wanted to go paragliding.
Andre has a pet named Nelly!

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