Simply put: Efficiency pays!

The Benefits to Your Wallet

We have done many audits over the years and find that one of the driving factors for people wanting to improve the efficiency of their homes is the ever increasing costs to heat and cool their homes.

Let’s take for example a standard 2 story, 2000 square foot home that is 30 years old.

We often find that a house like this might cost $3000 per year to heat.   It is not uncommon that we can improve the efficiency of a home like this by up to 30%.  Here is a quick calculation to illustrate the costs and savings.  (Please keep in mind this is a hypothetical based on average results.  “your actual mileage will vary”)


Current Cost to heat this house per
year:    $3000

Investment to make energy improvements
(if you hire a pro):    $4500

Potential savings per year (30%):    $900

Years of energy savings to pay the initial investment back:  5 Years  ($900/yr. for 5 years)

Money back in your pocket after 10 years:    $4500 ($900 /yr. from yr. 6-10)

Save even more if you do the work yourself.   You might spend half the costs in making energy improvements by doing it yourself and see the return of your investment that much faster.

There are cash incentives too.  Most New England States have energy efficiency programs that support energy efficiency through education, cash incentives, and low cost loans to do the work.  They are incredible resources to help get you started.

Look to our next post which will show you how energy efficiency is good for the environment.