This multi-phase design/build renovation converted four very dysfunctional spaces into an integrated master suite including a cozy den with fireplace. The design goals were functional and aesthetic integration of all four spaces, simplicity of lines and detailing, innovative storage solutions and a balance between saturated light and dark colors.

These clients had a large footprint to work with.  There was closet space to spare and a sitting room outside the master bedroom. The problem was, the master bathroom was incredibly small compared to the rest of the space.  To make matters worse the laundry room was also crammed into the master bathroom.

Our solution was to create a separate space for laundry only.  This room has a built in ironing board and plenty of surfaces for folding clothes and storage.

We enlarged the bathroom and added crafted custom cabinetry to bring this house up to date. We created a clean, modern design and with some creative accents.

The sitting room also got a new french door connecting it to the master bedroom to the sitting room. The fireplace got a new modern feel with some custom tile work.

To tie all the rooms together, we installed new flooring throughout.

Spacious. Grounded. Comfortable.

This blueprint shows the existing footprint (in red) of the house before renovation with proposed footprint (in gray) on top. We changed door openings and added new interior partitions to make a larger more modern master bedroom and bathroom.