This Williston, VT home was built in the 1970s from durable materials and with practical methods. A good sturdy home. However, it was short on space and the floor plan just did not function for a modern family of four (five, including Piper the dog).

The existing galley kitchen was a major pain point for the homeowners. With a wall dividing the kitchen and living spaces, a cook in the kitchen struggled with a tight work area and scant counter space. Cooking was a detached and isolated duty. Modern families need a more connected kitchen space, integrated in the flow of busy daily lives.








Lewis Creek partnered with the homeowner to design a new floor plan that put the kitchen in the heart of the home. A big, beautiful walnut island serves as a hub for hungry children before school and meal prep at the end of the day.

The new kitchen design incorporates expanded storage and counter space, AND actually uses less of the home’s precious square footage than the old layout. The remodel allows the rest of the home to exhale a little bit as more of the daily living can be done in opened up the living room and kitchen.

A modest addition, to serve as a dining room, also provided much needed relief to the living room, which previously was doing double-duty as living and dining space. A built-in buffet adds highly functional storage while integrating seamlessly with the aesthetic.

Lewis Creek Company recommended a high performance wall detail in the assembly of the dining addition. Spray foam insulation creates a perfect air seal on all sides: the walls, vaulted ceilings, and floor. The deep insulation keeps this addition cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, while still allowing for conventional framing assemblies.

The functional beauty of the layout reset is complimented by the homeowner’s modern yet vibrant and casual style. An eclectic mug collection is on display and easily accessed via custom shelving built into the kitchen island. Modern farmhouse design details, colorful artwork, and fresh cut flowers from their community garden make for a space that is both homey and stylish.