This project is the story of homeowners that ultimately chose better over more. They first approached Lewis Creek Company thinking that they wanted to add on to their existing split-level ranch. When they had family gatherings there never seemed to be enough room. The cook in the family wanted folks to stay out of the kitchen, but with not many places for them to go it seemed like the answer was build bigger

The kitchen was closed off and poorly lit. The walls were covered in darkly stained pine cabinets which were juxtaposed to white appliances and a beige Formica counter top. It was a kitchen that seemed to give a tired sigh when you looked at it.












As we began the process of developing a design concept that would meet their goals, it quickly became evident that the flow of an addition wouldn’t work well with the existing layout of the kitchen and so the extra cost of building out might not make sense. We led the homeowners on a deeper exploration of exactly what their priorities were and that led to some discoveries. It quickly became clear that number one on their list was having an updated and functional kitchen.

When it came time to design the kitchen the two homeowners had different ideas: one wanted the kitchen to remain more private and one wanted a bit more openness in the design. We started with three concepts, all with different levels of openness and we ultimately settled on a compromise: a blend of form and function that fit their needs.










A contemporary cottage look was chosen for the cabinets and countertops. The soft, sand-colored cabinets, along with new wood floors and carefully planned lighting make the once cave-like kitchen feel bright and expansive.








Throughout the house, other priorities included upgrading the bathroom, getting rid of the carpet on the main living floor, upgrading the heating system for the entire house, and eliminating the popcorn ceilings throughout. As anyone that has lived into the 21st century with popcorn ceilings would attest, removing them alone can breathe new life into a home! This simple update makes a room feel larger and cleaner. Combined with other updates, removing a popcorn ceiling can completely transform the feel of a space.

The bathroom got a full makeover which included new floor and shower tiles in soft grey tones, achieving the same warmer and brighter effect sought in the kitchen.








In this project, we were able to do more with less by creating a beautiful, custom design within the same amount of space. These homeowners ultimately chose to update and improve instead of add on, highlighting how valuable the design process can be. Our design process is about finding the optimal solution to create the most value; sometimes more space is needed, sometimes walls need to move, and sometimes carefully selected finishes and functional updates transform a tired house into a radiant home.

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