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Casey Masse


As a Human Resources Administrator, Casey really enjoy advocating for and bringing together people. Empathy is and aims to be her driving force. She values her ability to 'read the room' and pick up on the energies presented in various situations and does her best to respond accordingly and appropriately. This serves her well in HR , as working with people brings various work and life realities that need individualized support. 

Casey is inspired by people and progress. Being in a work community that values its culture and team gives her an ongoing dose of inspiration. It's being in an environment that can celebrate our successes without becoming complacent. Having business owners and management that are thinking about what is next, what's impactful, and what will help us continue to strengthen our team and what we proudly offer them in exchange for their time and commitment- is a huge motivator.

Casey was born and raised in Vermont. She lived in Maine for a year but other than that she has stuck to the Green Mountain State and find it hard to imagine not living in these mountains!

Did you know?

People are often surprised to find out that Casey spent a few summers in her late teens/early 20's selling smoothies, arepas, and burritos for a traveling festival vendor. She worked Bonnaroo, Mountain Jam, Tall Ship Festivals, Phish, etc. 

Casey's guilty pleasure is cheese-y romantic comedies with a side of Ben & Jerry's ice cream.

Her favorite destination is exploring somewhere new with people she loves.

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