Chris Lowney


Chris began his journey with woodworking early, starting out as a carpenter's helper at age fifteen and continuing through high school. He then spent four years building zip lines and obstacle courses before moving back to carpentry full-time. Chris is known for his ability to flex between diving into the fine details of a project and zooming out to see the big picture.


Chris takes pride in being a well-rounded carpenter and enjoys taking on new challenges to achieve great results for clients. “It is gratifying to have the opportunity to build beautiful projects that make people happy.”


Chris lives in Jeffersonville with his wife, Codie, dog, Mason, and cat, Luna. He enjoys all the outdoor activities Vermont has to offer, including skiing, hiking, camping, disc golf, hunting, and fishing.

Did you know?

If Chris could have a superpower, it would be the ability to make any animal sound on command.


He has always wanted to learn how to fly a plane.


As a child, he was big into anything with a motor: dirt bikes, four wheelers, snowmobiles.