Edward Major 


Ed’s professional background is in residential construction and historic restoration. He spent ten years as a steeplejack (a craftsman who climbs tall structures such as chimneys and steeples in order to carry out repairs) restoring historic buildings in Boston and its surrounding areas.


He is always looking to expand his knowledge of new building practices, and combining that with his knowledge of tried and tested techniques. Ed is drawn to his work Lewis Creek because he has the opportunity to be always learning and employing the newest and best materials, techniques, equipment, and technology. 

Ed is from Enosburg and currently resides in Essex Junction with his daughter, Sophia. Ed loves living in Vermont because of his family and the sense of community he feels here. Outside of work he enjoys hunting, fishing, and metal detecting.

Did you know?

If Ed could have a superpower, it would be telekinesis (moving things with his mind).


When he was in 8th grade, Ed won a contest where he designed a floor plan for a botanical garden.


Ed’s guilty pleasure is a midnight snack…or a LOT of midnight snacks.