At Lewis Creek Builders, we are all about people: our employees, our clients, and our community.


As a member of the Lewis Creek team, you will have the opportunity to learn and take on new challenges in a supportive and respectful environment. We value communication, transparency, and partnership at every level. We work hard to provide the highest level of service to our clients and have fun doing it. We welcome humans of all backgrounds and identities.

Residential Construction and Remodeling


Role Summary:

The goal of the Bookkeeper is to ensure smooth, timely, and predictable execution of bookkeeping tasks. A successful candidate is highly organized, detail-oriented, and able to learn and adapt to workflow processes. They are a “taskmaster,” always identifying and resolving discrepancies. This is a part-time position expected to work 16-20 hours per week. This role has the option to work remotely for some work hours, but in-office presence twice a week (and always on Mondays) is required to complete in-person duties. 

Principal Duties:

  • Accounts payable and account receivable: weekly and monthly bookkeeping tasks including data entry of invoices and receipts, reconciling vendor statements, paying bills, preparing client invoices, and receiving payments.

  • Ensuring all billable transactions are accurately billed to the client and filed with the project documents, diligently resolving questions and concerns from the Project Management team.

  • Bookkeeping quality control and account reconciliation.

  • Processing and filing documents using company digital and hard copy filing procedures.Processing incoming mail for accounts payable/receivable.

  • Working with the team to maintain and improve bookkeeping and billing systems and processes.

  • Preparing financial reports as requested by the Senior Management Team.

  • Assisting the Senior Management Team in the preparation of annual budgets, tax documentation, and insurance audits.


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Strong computer literacy including spreadsheets (GoogleSheets, MS Excel). 

  • Basic accounting knowledge and understanding of accounting best practices.

  • Experience with Quickbooks/Quickbooks Online preferred.

  • Data entry skills and commitment to a high level of accuracy.

  • Highly organized with thoughtful attention to detail.  

  • Ability to manage and prioritize tasks independently.



  • 2+ years of professional bookkeeping and/or relevant administrative experience.

  • Experience with bookkeeping software and/or managing business database tools.

  • Construction industry experience is NOT necessary, but a willingness to learn industry terminology and develop an understanding of our design-build process is critical to success in this role.



Compensation will be determined by the qualifications, experience, and value a candidate brings to our team. Pay rate is expected to be within the range of $20.00-$25.00 per hour, but will be set commensurate with experience. This is a part-time position eligible for paid time off, but does not include our full benefits package.

Residential Construction and Remodeling

Role Qualities

A successful candidate is organized, focused, and able to balance multiple deadlines and priorities.  This role requires the ability to collaborate with others with a high level of partnership and accountability, as well as the ability to self-motivate and work independently. A successful member of the Lewis Creek Builders team is kind, flexible, and dedicated to providing excellent service to our community. 


Role Summary

The goal of the Project Manager is to work the sales and design process toward completion in a timely manner by gathering, collating, delegating, and creating drawings, specifications, and estimated costs, organized digitally. This is a full-time position expected to work 40 hours per week with 80-90% of those hours billable to clients as project development and project management time. This position works on a peer to peer basis with the design, development, and build teams.

Many of the following duties may be performed remotely.  Lewis Creek Builders is committed to our employee safety and invests in the resources necessary to support remote work.

Principal Duties:

  • Facilitate client meetings regarding the project schedule, budget updates, change orders, increases in project scope--any and all design and project changes throughout the project.

  • Serve as a reliable, accessible, and knowledgeable resource for clients.

  • Draft Work Scope documentation, including written narrative work scopes, mechanical and electrical drawings, structural specifications and detailing, and other technical drawings related to construction projects.

  • Develop project estimates using construction drawings and a strong knowledge of industry metrics.

  • Maintain and apply various metrics related to project estimating, such as: average price per square foot of similar projects; recent costs of fixtures; lessons learned from recent projects.

  • Track and analyze ongoing and completed projects to improve project planning and estimates.

  • Work toward complete development of a project plan, including all specifications and trade quotations.  Help to facilitate the smooth hand-off of a project from the design to the construction phase.

  • Gather information regarding existing systems including structural systems; mechanical systems; electrical and plumbing systems; discussing project impact with subcontractors and vendors.

  • Use foresight to apply knowledge of structures and building systems while exploring preemptive solutions to potential project challenges.

  • Troubleshoot and find solutions to on-site problems through collaboration with Lead Carpenters, Designers, Subcontractors and other project stakeholders

  • Communicate, update, organize and maintain all project related information such as quotes, contracts, material orders, change orders and drawings.

  • Balance deadlines and priorities for multiple projects by understanding the design and development process and systems. 

  • Assemble and maintain digital folders for each project, organizing critical and relevant data while making all documentation of progress accessible to design and build teams.

  • Steward project tracking systems and documents to ensure continued collaboration between teams, reflecting updated project schedules that analyze project and workforce performance.

  • Diligently track and accurately record billable and non-billable time.

  • Participate in and take an active role in the collaborative management environment of Lewis Creek Builders’ design and production management systems and improvements to those systems.

  • Other duties as needed and assigned.

  • Practice, maintain, educate and enforce safety practices and procedures across projects.

  • Model and set expectations for a high quality of workmanship.

  • Establish and foster friendly, professional relationships with existing and potential clients for the duration of the project and beyond.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Basic computer literacy as well as an intermediate to strong working knowledge of spreadsheet tools (Excel and Google Sheets).

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.

  • Ability to work and communicate with a diverse group of people with different skills and backgrounds.

  • Ability to take ownership of tasks and see them through to completion.

  • Strong knowledge of residential building and remodeling, including a strong understanding of building components and how projects come together.



  • 10+ years of design, estimating, project management, lead carpenter or construction management experience.

  • This is a senior level position with a peer to peer relationship with Designers and Lead Carpenters at Lewis Creek Builders. The right candidate will be considered even without the education or experience listed above.


This is a salaried position, working an average of 40 hours per week, and earning between $60-75k per year. Actual compensation varies based on qualifications, skills, success and experience of the candidate.


Please respond to this posting with both a COVER LETTER and RESUME. No cold calls. Applicants that do not provide a cover letter and resume will not be considered.


Residential Construction and Remodeling

Role Qualities

A successful candidate is organized, focused, and a true taskmaster.  This role requires the ability to self-motivate and work independently, showing initiative and demonstrating an investment in learning about our design-build process. A successful member of the Lewis Creek Builders team is kind, flexible, and dedicated to providing excellent service to our community.


Role Summary

The goal of the Project Management Associate is to support the development, preconstruction and build process. They are responsible for the timely and thorough execution of project development and preconstruction planning tasks as delegated to them by Project Managers and the Production Manager. The Project Management Associate will learn the ins and outs of our process and systems. This role reports directly to the Production Manager. This is a full-time position expected to work 40 hours per week with 80% of those hours billable to clients as project development time. 

Principal Duties:

This role supports the project development and preconstruction process, into build, working under direction from the Project Management team to: 

  • Enter project information into key project management tools.

  • Produce, update, and maintain standard project documents utilizing established tools and procedures.

  • Contact vendors and subcontractors over the phone and via email with requests for quotations, new orders, and product returns.

  • Visit job sites to collect measurements, investigate conditions, and gather information on behalf of the project team.

  • Research and propose materials and other solutions to project requirements. Will require the ability to speak effectively with vendors and subcontractors to gather information, understand it, and communicate it back to the project team.

  • Develop and maintain a product reference resource, reflecting a deep understanding of construction materials and products. Gather and document feedback from the build and project management teams about product installation and performance to help inform future project development.

  • Communicate project needs and work scopes clearly to vendors and trades partners.

  • Communicate in a warm and professional manner with clients, often asking them for critical information and input regarding their projects.

  • Communicate thoroughly, yet concisely, with internal and external project stakeholders.

  • Build an understanding of our projects, project workflows, and client needs.

  • Work to continuously grow and expand ability to understand and anticipate construction needs and questions in relation to project development tasks.

  • Provide other critical support to the Project Management team, which will include miscellaneous logistical and administrative tasks.

  • Problem-solve and troubleshoot current tools and systems, working collaboratively to improve efficiency and accuracy of project development work.

  • Diligently track and accurately record billable and non-billable time by project and time code.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Intermediate to excellent computer literacy as well as a strong working knowledge of spreadsheets (Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel).

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.

  • Ability to work and communicate with a diverse group of people with different skills and backgrounds.

  • Ability to see tasks through to completion with little oversight and to escalate questions and concerns to the appropriate team member as necessary.

  • Confidence to effectively approach and communicate with senior team members to ensure smooth daily operations, and to anticipate administrative needs.

  • Ability to continuously seek personal and professional development to improve



  • 3+ years of relevant administrative, logistical, design, or construction experience preferred.

  • Interest, exposure, or experience in the construction industry is beneficial but not required. A willingness to learn about common building terminology, materials, means and methods is essential to success in this role.


Position is an hourly full-time position, working 40 hours Monday through Friday. Pay range is expected to be $18 to $26/hour, actual compensation commensurate with experience and the value offered to our team. We have a competitive compensation and benefits package, including health insurance with an HRA, dental insurance, disability and life insurance, retirement contribution matching, and paid vacation.


Residential Construction and Remodeling

Lewis Creek Builders is looking to grow our team! We're currently searching for a Journey-Level Carpenter with 5+ years experience in frame-to-finish residential building/remodeling.

Lewis Creek Builders is a full-service design-build team. We are architectural designers and craftspeople well-versed in the most practical and energy-efficient products and methods that provide the best quality and value to our Vermont neighbors.

Role Qualities and Qualifications:

  • 5+ years carpentry experience, residential remodeling preferred.

  • Mastery of framing and interior and exterior finish work.

  • Demonstrated willingness be an active participant in your own growth and the growth of a team.

  • Highly organized and able to work effectively with minimal supervision.

  • Passion for our craft and a consistently positive attitude.

  • Strong communication skills and sense of accountability.

  • Interest and/or background in energy efficiency and home performance is a plus!



We offer a positive and supportive work environment with opportunities for professional growth. At Lewis Creek Builders, people are at the heart of everything we do. We are dedicated to providing the very best service to our customers and our team. We offer a competitive compensation/ benefits package which includes health insurance, short/long term disability and life insurance, and retirement contribution matching.

Please respond to this posting with your resume and a note about why you are interested in a position at Lewis Creek. No cold calls, please. Applicants that do not provide a resume will not be considered.