Listening To You

Every project starts with inspiration. Whether it’s something in your home that just isn’t working the way you wish it would or you’re dreaming of a new home, we can help guide your vision.

The first thing we do is listen. We listen to your concerns, your hopes, and your ideas. Sometimes it can be challenging as a homeowner to express exactly what you want to get out of your project. We’re experienced at listening to you, and helping you to articulate your vision more clearly.

If your project is a renovation or addition, we also “listen” to your current living space. A site visit allows us to consider how your ideas and vision for your ideal living space will work with your current structure. We walk through your home with you as you narrate how you live and want to live. Our job is to align ourselves with your ambitions, while we objectively and creatively act as design experts and problem-solvers. We look for ways to maximize what works in your home, while finding solutions for under performing spaces.

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Getting Understood


With a clear understanding of your project goals and the “canvas” we have to work with, we consider the possibilities by sketching out our ideas for further exploration. It’s a fun and exciting time to approach the project from different angles and see what might work best for you. Ideas are brought to life on paper or in 3D models, and are presented to you so that we may work together to determine the design direction that best fits your goals and desires.

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Getting Options


Once we have a design scheme that seems like a good fit, we sharpen our pencils for a more detailed visual rendering, as well as a rough estimate of the project costs. Together we review this more comprehensive vision for how your project will proceed and the associated costs. Adjustments continue to be made in an iterative process, taking into account your feedback and ideas, as well as existing structural and environmental considerations. Throughout the process, we will zoom in with each review so that we move from the big picture concepts to the final plan, details and finishes. As the design matures, we apply our building expertise to ensure that the finished product will work as well in reality as it does on paper.

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Getting A Budget

budget-sheet copy

To hone in on the details of our design, we start work on construction drawings and move towards a more detailed analysis of the project costs, including the labor and materials assigned to every element of the work. As an experienced design/build partnership, Lewis Creek Company excels at designing projects that are within our client’s financial reach. This means that you won’t be shocked by the real costs of making your dream house a reality.

We strive to make our estimates as clear and detailed as possible. Some project estimates can have up to 400 line items with each item representing a component of your project. We want you to fully understand your project, and the effort we will put into each element so that you are 100% satisfied. This is our commitment to transparency at work for you.

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Getting Refined


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Getting Planned

In creating your estimate, we reach out to our sub-contractors and vendors to get a real idea of what’s needed to do things right the first time, which helps to avoid unnecessary re-design and frustration further down the line. This teamwork approach means that all parties involved in the project get on the same page much earlier in the process and it makes our estimates even more accurate.

Upon completion, we review the estimate and construction drawings in their entirety with you and make any final tweaks until you are satisfied. Once finalized, the construction drawings and material specifications outlined in the estimate provide an actionable plan for how to transform your vision into reality. This milestone marks the end of the design process and the beginning of the building phase.

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Getting Synthesized

As we enter into a building partnership with each client, we set up clear expectations for the building stage, including timelines and what to expect throughout the process. Our client relationships are the cornerstone to a project’s success, and you are our partner in making the process go smoothly. Our role is to provide you with the tools necessary to steer your project as the homeowner and final decision-maker. As your team of experts, we will keep you informed and educated about the project as it progresses. Your job is to be present in the process and communicate your thoughts and priorities to us. Clear and open communication is essential, and we depend on it so that we can meet (or exceed) your expectations at each step.

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Getting Dirty


After finalizing the details of your project, we start working to make it come to life. Watching your vision become a reality is an exciting time. There will be dramatic days where it seems heaven and earth literally moved. There will be also quiet days where behind-the- scenes work was done with no great dramatic changes. This is the life cycle of the project.

If you’re planning on living in your home through a renovation project, we approach your living space with great respect and go to great lengths to maintain cleanliness and the quality of your life at home. Communication is a key part of making it possible to coexist with an active building project. We will do everything in our power to minimize the impact our work has on your home-life, and we ask for your patience as we carry out our work with efficiency, precision and care.

Through the entire construction phase we regularly review the budget with detailed records of what we have completed to date, how much it has cost to that point, and where we are with respect to completion on-time and on-budget.

The building process occurs in two phases:

  • The Rough-In Phase
  • The Finishing Phase

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Getting Rough


The rough-in phase is where controlled chaos is in full effect. We’re not going to gloss over the reality of building. There are days when the sawdust is flying, hammers are pounding and the activity is constant. Don’t worry, we’re still present to make sure things are going efficiently and that the mess is contained and kept out of your life as much as possible. It’s important to remember this is the excitement of your project unfolding! We encourage our clients to (safely and with guidance) get in there and “smell the sawdust,” to truly experience the guts of the project on the ground.

The rough-in phase includes demolition, framing, installation of electricity and plumbing, and generally putting together the skeleton and “life support” of your project. If you’re interested in how things work behind the finished walls of your home, this is the time to pick up a hammer and learn a thing or two.

The finishing phase still has its chaotic moments, but the shape and feel of your project is starting to become apparent. We can all start to see the brilliant light at the end of the tunnel and appreciate how the various pieces of the project are coming together.

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Getting Refined


The finishing phase includes installing insulation, sheetrock, flooring, cabinetry, trim, fixtures and other details. This is the part of the process where progress doesn’t always feel as tangible or dramatic as in the initial building stages, but rest assured your building team is working hard at each step to bring you closer to a finished home.

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Getting Covered


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Getting Detailed

As the finishing phase wraps up, we work together to create a final “punch list,” ensuring every last detail is completed to your full satisfaction. During this period, we might hook up a washer and dryer, finish trim detailing on a mantelpiece, and do a last tidying up, polishing and testing to make sure everything is functional and gleaming.

LCC final cuts 163 LCC final cuts 112

 When the punch list is complete, we take you on a detailed tour of your new space. We make sure you have a full understanding of all the functional details and are as excited as we are about the end result. Our goal is for this to be a happy “commissioning” of your ideal living space, a dream transformed into your new reality.

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Getting Finished


At Lewis Creek Company, we consider it a job well done if you are as pleased with the design/build journey as you are with the finished product. We aim to build a lasting relationship with our clients, one that you rely on for future projects and recommend to your closest friends and family. And, we hope that you have fun with us along the way!As you settle in to your new living space, we will check in to make sure you are completely satisfied with the project. We stand behind our work with a 100% guarantee of performance as promised, and we are available to answer questions about your new living space as you become familiar with its function and maintenance.

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If you think we can help you renovate or build the home you’ve been dreaming about, please contact us.