Jackie Esperti


As Project Advisor, Jackie is typically the first person a new client will speak with. It's her job to make sure everyone Lewis Creek partners with has a great experience. Jackie is passionate about working with people to help make their dreams come true! It’s her goal to help clients navigate the (sometimes overwhelming) construction process and connect them with the craftspeople, information, and expertise at Lewis Creek to build projects that help them love their homes. Jackie worked in the travel industry for eight years until Covid hit and she brought her drive to help people and her tenacity to get things done to the construction industry!


Jackie is from Saratoga, NY and is a graduate of College of the Holy Cross in Massachusetts. She currently lives in Colchester with her boyfriend Paul and their puppy Cru! Jackie gravitated to Vermont because she loves living by the lake and loves that she can find a new walking path almost anywhere she goes. She loves staying active, running, biking, hiking, and is happy whenever she can be outside with her dog or on the water!

Did you know?

Jackie’s favorite quote is “(S)He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche


Her dog’s name is Crusader, after the Holy Cross Crusaders, but his nickname is "Cru" because she was a rower in college. 


Jackie’s favorite snack is popcorn. No butter, extra salt!