James Goodall


James holds an associates degree in civil engineering technology and a bachelors degree in sustainable design (with a heavy focus on site impacts), both from VTC. He worked as a transportation engineer for the bulk of his 20’s.

One of the things that he likes most about the building industry is the continual sense of satisfaction at the end of the day. The feeling of “I did that” makes him incredibly happy, whether it’s hanging doors, demoing a bathroom, or setting cabinets. There isn’t a day that he doesn't leave feeling satisfied. And there is always something to learn.

He has always been drawn towards and do very well in activities where there are clear metrics of improvement, and using his body. Carpentry provides all of those things. He is also very driven by the feeling of pride in his work, he is happiest if he's done something that he's excited to show his friends and family.


James is from Randolph, VT. He's never really wanted to leave Vermont, he likes visiting almost anywhere, but is always happy to be back home. When he has free time, James enjoys martial arts (which he has done Taekwon-do since he was 7), reading, playing with my kids, and going for long drives.

Did you know?

James' favorite destination is anywhere he can disconnect from technology… and science museums.

I’m fully versed in the bulk of the Disney songs up through Frozen.

People are surprised to find out he doesn't drink coffee. Or any hot beverage really.