Jamilah Lee


Jamilah has worked in bookkeeping for years, starting at a young age working at the family business. She opened up a restaurant after High School, and quickly learned that cooking was more for fun and bookkeeping for work. Since then, she's gotten a degree in Accounting and has pursued her career in bookkeeping.

What she most likes about the building industry is how important it is to our way of life. Without builders, we would not have schools, libraries, grocery stores, etc. She enjoys problem solving, and that keeps her inspired and engaged in her work.

Jamilah was born and raised in Milton, Vermont. She tried to leave once but that didn't last long. Vermont's culture and beauty are what keep her here, and her family. She prefers rural living, and recently moved to Franklin county. She deeply enjoys that you can ride sleds and quads on the roads there. She enjoys making up new recipes, finding ways to substitute ingredients, and challenging herself to recreate recipes. She also likes to sew and create new patterns and makes her own clothes.

Did you know?

Jamilah's favorite destination is home with my pets :)

Her guilty pleasure is potato chips

People are often surprised to find she is older than she looks. This will be great when she's in her 50s!