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Jermaine Everett


Jermaine has spent his career in the trades gathering a depth and breadth of expertise that he is always excited to share with others. Jermaine loves the work but he is truly energized by connecting with clients and creating something that they are excited about. In addition to building and remodeling, Jermaine has a good deal of experience with excavation and custom cabinetry, and is a certified mold inspector!

Jermaine was born in Detroit, Michigan, and currently lives in Bolton, Vermont. He moved to Vermont to be closer to family and stayed for the community he found and for the great outdoors. When he’s not at work Jermaine loves riding his Harley and spending time with his family. He also volunteers his time building greenhouses for schools and daycares.

Did you know?

Jermaine has a pet named Nahkydia.

Jermaine’s guilty pleasures are cookies and cheese

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