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Lily Lukaszevicz


Growing up carpentry was never part of Lily's life. She worked long days outside on farms though, and loved working and creating with her hands. When the opportunity to try carpentry with my hands. When the opportunity to try carpentry came up, she figured “Why not? I can probably do that.” A year later she still enjoys every day of it. 

She always bring energy and enthusiasm to the job site. She is always willing to help with any task, and make “super mega accurate cuts.” Lily like working in the building industry because she really enjoys that she gets to build and add to houses that people live and grow in. She stays engaged because she has so much to learn, and every job provides new opportunities for growth. With every new job she learns countless new skills she can take with her to the next project.


Lily is originally from Central Massachusetts and moved to Vermont three years ago to be closer to friends attending college here. 

Did you know?

Lily's favorite destination is Portsmouth, NH.

Her guilty pleasure movie theater popcorn and peach ring gummies.

A fun fact about Lily is 

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