Marcy King


For Marcy, home truly is where the heart is.  It's a place where family and friends gather and where you are free to be your truest self.  It's so inspiring to see a client's ideas, visions and dreams turn into reality for them, in whatever form that takes. The partnerships we form and nurture with our clients are genuine and long-lasting.  Marcy's strengths are organization, organization, organization!


Our work is more than just a job.  It's the encouragement of ideas and dreams, it's creating a plan, it's putting the best of what we have into a project, and the satisfaction of seeing a smile on a client's face and the pride they feel in seeing a dream come true.


Marcy is a native Vermonter, originally from Putney.  She has lived in several warmer climates but always return to Vermont for it's ever changing beauty (Autumn being her favorite!), the climate, the culture, and the freedoms we share here in this wonderful state. 


She has lived in both South Burlington and in the Lake Champlain Islands for many years. Her daughter, Madison, is the light of her life and helps to keep her young. She has a rescued dog, Finley, who keeps her active. She loves animals, loves to travel, write, paint, nature, watch documentaries, and give to others.

Did you know?

Marcy's long career in customer service began at the age of 13 when she was hired as Little Bo Peep at Santa's Land in Putney, VT.

Her guilty pleasure is Popcorn.  LOTS of popcorn!

A fun fact about Marcy is she was in the Navy and Deadpool is her favorite movie of all time.