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You get a better overall experience when you combine design and construction in one company. Our design/build process provides you with a living space that will meet a lifetime of expectations, and a construction experience that will surpass them.

We work very hard to couple your dreams with the budget realities of residential construction, to create the optimal solutions for your specific situation. Our integrated design-build approach ensures that your design connects with the practical wisdom of our craftsmen and that the building process is infused with an intimate understanding of the overall design goals.

This proven process allows us to provide the most efficient delivery of great design and craftsmanship, often at a considerable savings. Learn more about custom home design and home building.


As a full service design build firm Lewis Creek Company can bring your vision to life. From initial concept to the final coat of paint we help our clients understand their options and make the right choices to deliver a home that functions as a strong foundation for the lifestyle they have dreamed of.

We understand that a new home is more than just a building, it’s an extension of your values and beliefs. It’s a physical monument to the love you have for your family, the commitment you have to your community and the connection you have to your environment.

We specialize in creating integrated solutions that speak to your unique values. We have cultivated a unique and proven process of transparency, communication and partnership that will keep you in the driver’s seat throughout the design, development, building and finishing of your new home.


Whether you are looking to change everything but the basement, or you simply want a fresh new kitchen, Lewis Creek Company can help you design and build the space you’ve been dreaming of. Our comprehensive approach to understand both the challenges our clients may face, as well as the unique vision they hold for their new living space, enables us to transform ordinary houses into lovely and efficient homes that support and comfort. Learn more about home renovation and remodeling in Vermont

Our Proven Process

for Projects Large and Small

Design Phase

Be Heard:
We ask questions and listen intently.

Explore Your Options:
We take big picture ideas and find focus.

Build A Budget:
We make a preliminary budget.

Fine Tune:
We tweak the design and budget to be just right.

Layout a Plan:
We develop an actionable plan.

Transition to Build:
Everything comes together, we’re ready to break ground!

Build Phase

Things Get Dirty:
Site work, demolition, infrastructure. Think big machines and sledge hammers.

Things Get Rough:
“Roughing in” refers to building the skeleton of your project.

Things Get Refined:
Pieces are coming together. The fundamental details take shape.

Things Get Closed Up:
Sheetrock, roofing, siding. Your home is getting buttoned up.

Things Get Finished:
Trim, cabinets, paint. and all the other finish work.

You’re home!:
The transformation is complete!


Be Heard

Every project starts with inspiration. There might something in your home that just isn’t working
the way you wish it would, or maybe you’re dreaming of a new home. That’s where we come in. Our first step is to understand your ideas, goals, and concerns. It can be challenging to articulate your vision but our team is here to guide you and ask the right questions. If your project is a renovation or addition, we get to know your existing home with a site visit. Once we’ve built a clear understanding of your project goals and the canvas we have to work with, we consider the possibilities by sketching out our ideas in what we call design concepts.


Explore Your Options

Exploring design concepts is a fun and exciting time to approach the project from different angles and explore what might work best for you. Once we have a design scheme that is a good fit, we sharpen our pencils for a more detailed visual rendering. Together we review this more comprehensive vision for how your project will proceed. Adjustments continue to be made in an iterative process, taking into account your feedback and existing structural and environmental considerations. Using this approach we’ll narrow our focus and move from the big picture concepts to the final plan. As the design matures, we apply our building expertise to ensure that the finished product will work as well in reality as it does on paper.


Build A Budget

As we hone in on the design details, we can develop a more detailed analysis of project costs, specifically labor and materials. As an experienced design/build partnership, Lewis Creek Company excels at designing projects that provide the most value and are within our clients’ financial reach. We strive to shed light on every detail and assumption. The line items in your budget can be tweaked and tuned to find the right balance between cost and fulfillment of your goals.


Fine Tune

After we have the first drafts of the design and the budget, we fine tune the details so that the design dream and the cost reality are aligned. In this phase you will begin to make more detailed decisions about your project, such as what type of wood for the floor, tile for the shower, color for the cabinets. Each of these decisions helps to hone the budget and the result is a project that you can both afford AND be excited about.


Layout a Plan

In creating your estimate, we reach out to our subcontractors and vendors to get a real idea of what’s needed to keep the project on task and on schedule. This collaborative approach means that all parties involved in the project are on the same page and it allows our estimates to be even more accurate. Upon completion, we review the budget and construction drawings with you. Once finalized, the construction drawings, material specifications, and budget provide an actionable plan for how to transform your vision into reality. This milestone marks the end of the design process and the beginning of the building phase.


Transition to Build

As we enter the building stage, we set up clear expectations, including timelines and what to expect throughout the process. We set up a regular meeting time to check in and keep you informed and educated about the project as it progresses. Clear and open communication is essential, and we depend on it so that we can meet (or exceed!) your expectations at each step.


Things Get Dirty

After finalizing the details of your project, it’s time to start bringing it to life. We start a renovation by preparing everything we need to keep the job site as clean, healthy, and protected as possible. This might include dust control, air filtration, and protective coverings for floors and other finishes to be preserved. For a new home build, we’re prepping the lot and laying the infrastructure. From there, the true transformation begins. This phase can be quite dramatic as we clear out the old to make way for the new.


Things Get Rough

The rough-in phase is where controlled chaos is in full effect. The rough-in phase includes framing, installation of electricity and plumbing, and generally putting together the bones and “life support.”. If you’re interested in how things work behind the finished walls of your home, this is the time to check it out and ask questions. We love to share what we know!

This can also be a challenging period for the homeowner in the life cycle of the project. There’s no point in glossing over the reality of building; there are days when sawdust is flying and hammers are pounding and you might start to feel weary. There are exciting days of extraordinary transformation when you start to see your vision take shape, and there are also quiet days when more subtle or behind-the-scenes work is being done.


Things Get Refined

This phase includes insulation, flooring, windows, built-ins, cabinets, fixtures and other fundamental details. We are hard at work coordinating all aspects of building to come together in the right way and at the right time. This phase still has its chaotic moments, but the shape and feel of your project is starting to become apparent. You can start to appreciate how the various pieces of the project are coming together.


Things Get Closed Up

This is the time when start putting the various coverings on the house. Think plywood, drywall, roofing, and siding. Things are getting closed up and the shape of the home is suddenly clear and crisp.


Things Get Finished

The finishing phase can be incredibly satisfying as this is where your personal style really starts to shine through in the form of your finish choices. Think paint colors, wood finishes, countertops, moulding, etc.

As the finishing phase wraps up, we work together to create a final “punch list,” ensuring every last detail is completed to your full satisfaction. During this period, we’ll do final tests to make sure things are working smoothly, complete final touches, and do a thorough tidying up.


You’re home!

When the punch list is complete, we’ll do a final walkthrough and make sure you have a full understanding of all the functional details and are as excited as we are about the end result.

At Lewis Creek Company, we build partnerships that put people at the heart of the home. People are at the core of everything we do, and you can count on us long-term. As you settle in to your new living space, we’ll check in to make sure you are completely satisfied. We stand behind our work and are always available to answer questions, troubleshoot an issue, or partner with you as you dream up your next project.

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