Chris brings over a decade of experience in frame to finish renovation, new construction, and fine woodworking to his leadership of Lewis Creek Company. Chris grew up in Chittenden County and got into woodworking at a young age, starting his career working alongside his mother, a fellow carpenter. Chris’s favorite part about Lewis Creek is the client service. That partnership is what drives him, and he loves connecting with homeowners to create custom spaces. He partners with clients to understand their vision and challenges, and then build optimal, elegant solutions to fit their lifestyle and budget. Chris is a Passive House Certified Builder and is passionate about applying green building principles to improve a home’s comfort and efficiency.

Chris enjoys playing his guitar and singing along with the radio too loud. People are surprised to learn that Chris has acted in many plays and musicals. A Vermonter through and through, Chris values frugality and longevity and can often be found repairing furniture or fixing tools his basement. His favorite destination is Cape Cod and he’s visited China twice. His guilty pleasure is overindulging in coffee and baked goods.



A Burlington native, Natalie attended college in Boston and then spent several years working in the tech industry there before answering the ever-present call to return to the beautiful Geen Mountain State. Natalie’s rounded background in business, non-profit administration, technology, program management, and consumer research uniquely prepared her for a role wearing many hats at Lewis Creek Company. In addition to overseeing the finance, human resources, marketing, and general business operations of the company, Natalie is energized by any opportunity to talk with homeowners and connect people with Lewis Creek’s proven approach and top-rate team. Natalie is passionate about people and process. She strives to support the overall success of the Lewis Creek team and our projects by ensuring smooth, efficient operations and continuous improvement to systems and communications.

Natalie enjoys cooking, gardening, reading, and planning travel adventures near and far.  Her favorite destination is the ocean, more specifically the beaches of Big Sur in California or the Cinque Terra in Italy. Natalie’s guilty pleasures are chocolate and binge-watching The Office.



Sean has tremendous experience in every aspect of the building process, from design to completion. He partners with our clients to understand their vision and develop beautiful, functional designs to meet their needs and exceed their expectations. Sean is compelled in his work by the opportunity to change people’s views—not their opinions, but what they see, the space they walk in, where their eye is drawn. He loves to hear how different people feel when they wake up in their new master bedroom, or start their day in their new kitchen or bath. The design of a home, the space we occupy daily, can transform the flow of our lives and how we feel each day.

Sean loves to bike and once rode his bicycle all the way across the United States. He considers composting one of his top hobbies and really enjoys turning kitchen scraps into soil. Sean’s favorite destination is the ocean, anywhere in the world. His guilty pleasure is eating chocolate before bed.



Tina brings 19 years of experience working in the communications industry, primarily for newspapers and magazines. Her passion for design in the communication world translated easily to the design-build world; we too are given an idea (could be a napkin drawing), raw materials and a deadline. At Lewis Creek, Tina specializes in graphic design, web content, data entry, and business administration. She likes being behind the scenes and making sure things run smoothly. Tina’s strengths include her attention to detail and ability to quickly learn whatever skills necessary to get the job done.

Tina enjoys going for walks with her three kids and dog, and having family movie nights. People are surprised to learn that she wrestled competitively junior year of high school. She was actually supposed to wrestle her now husband, but he didn’t make weight. They’ve been married 14 years. Tina’s favorite destination is New York for an annual family gathering. Her guilty pleasure is chocolate of any kind.



Emily comes from a long line of builders and tradespeople. She has a degree in architecture and even spent some time as an apprentice carpenter before focusing on the project management/big picture side of things. Emily is compelled in her work by a natural fascination with the build environment and passion for the relationships we build with our clients.

Emily spends her free time skiing, shouting Jeopardy answers at the TV, and petting her dog. People are often surprised to discover that Emily can name all of the countries in the world from memory. Emily’s favorite destination is Queenstown, New Zealand. Her guilty pleasure is watching reality competition TV shows (The Amazing Race, Survivor, etc.).

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Mike is a recent transplant to Vermont from New York. He is a skilled carpenter specializing in frame to finish renovation. Mike stands out for his attention to detail throughout a project and his passion to do the job right. Mike values quality, efficiency, and beauty and he works hard to serve clients the perfect balance of all three.

Mike enjoys mountain biking and spending time with his wife, dog, and cat. His favorite destination is Yosemite National Park. Mike’s guilty pleasure is indulging in sugary, sour candy, especially when he’s looking for a pick-me-up on a tough day.



Rob was a farmer for many years before discovering his passion for building. He has been in the construction industry for 18+ years. Rob enjoys the temporal aspect of construction, working hands-on a project from start to finish and then moving on to the next challenge. Rob’s strengths include his ability to look at a project holistically, anticipate challenges, see what needs to be done, and take action. He is a skilled carpenter and problem solver, and a careful custodian of clients’ vision for their homes.

Rob enjoys cooking and reading non-fiction. People are often surprised to discover that he has degrees in both Business and Mathematics, but just loves working with his hands. Rob’s favorite destination is New Orleans. His guilty pleasure is the generous use of real butter.



Sam was raised in Arlington, Massachusetts where he started building at a young age (mostly forts and Legos). He lived in Burlington for a time before moving back to Boston where he cut his teeth as a carpenter. Sam specializes in trim work and interior renovations. He is passionate about creating a beautiful finished project and demonstrates immense care in his work. Sam recently relocated to Vermont and just had his first child, Livia on January 30, 2017.

Sam enjoys skiing, ultimate frisbee, and woodworking projects. People are surprised to find out that he waited tables at an Indian restaurant in college. Sam’s favorite destination is Squam Lake, New Hampshire. His guilty pleasure is chocolate, which seems to be a vice shared by most of the Lewis Creek team.



Josh was born in Richmond and grew up in Burlington. He lived in Australia and in Austin, Texas for a time before ultimately returning to Vermont. Josh was drawn to carpentry by the desire to work with his hands and the opportunity to be creative. He is compelled in his work by seeing a space transformed into something new and unique.

Josh enjoys music and spending time with his wife and son. He’s also an avid home brewer of beer and other fermented treats. His favorite destination is his bed.



Chris has been in the trades since his teens. After high school he spent a few years as a tree climber, building obstacle courses and hanging zip lines. Chris attended The Vermont Woodworking School where he received an Associates Degree in Fine Furniture Construction and Design. Chris has eye for fine detail and loves watching the transformation as a project progresses.

Chris is an adrenaline junkie and enjoys downhill skiing and other outdoor recreation. His favorite place is Innsbruck, Austria.



Garan has been working in the trades since he was 17. Over the years, he has worked in all aspects of residential carpentry from sweeping floors and framing walls to installing roofs and finish trim, with specialities in framing, siding, and trim. The driving forces behind Garan’s passion for his work are family, helping others, learning new skills, and teamwork.

When Garan is not swinging a hammer, you can find him sailing, snorkeling, and enjoying all Vermont has to offer with his wife, two sons, and their chocolate lab. People are often surprised to find out that Garan is working on his private pilot’s license. Garan is an officer in the U.S. Army and has a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Idaho. Garan’s guilty pleasure is eating too many cookies and his favorite destination is the woods.



Ed comes to Vermont from the Boston area, where he spent 10 years as a steeplejack (a craftsman who climbs tall structures such as chimneys and steeples in order to carry out repairs) restoring historic buildings. He specializes in remodeling and has a deep well of experience in all phases of carpentry. Ed is passionate about quality, service, and craftsmanship.

When Ed is not at a job site, you can find him hunting, fishing, using his metal detector, hiking, and climbing. His favorite destination is the beach. If you know Ed, you know that his driving force is providing the best life he can for his amazing daughter.



Peter grew up in Vergennes where he started his journey to becoming a polished craftsman with a rich portfolio of work. He has been in the trades for a little over 30 years and specializes in fine finish carpentry. Peter’s passion for the work stems from the satisfaction of knowing he’s done something amazing for our clients and seeing their smiling faces at the end of the project.

In his free time, Peter enjoys building model railroads. People are often surprised to find out that for 6 years, he ran the Enduro200 at Thunder Road in Barre. Peter’s guilty pleasure is enjoying a big, fat, juicy steak “with all the fixin’s”.



Junior was born in Jamaica and moved to the States at age 12. He lived in Florida for years before eventually finding his way north to the Green Mountain State. Junior says part of what he loves most about Vermont is that the mountains remind him of Jamaica. Junior is compelled in his work by the creative transformation of a space from demolition to the beautiful end result. He views homes as works of art and appreciates all of the details that bring a project together.

In his free time, Junior enjoys biking, hiking, swimming, and reading mystery novels. He loves to travel and his favorite destination is Europe, specifically the Greek Islands and Italy. People are often surprised to find out that Junior can switch quickly in and out of Jamaican dialect.



A native New Englander, Ben lived in Montana for over 6 years before realizing how much he missed the North East! Ben is excited to be back in Vermont and loves learning about new technologies and materials in our ever-evolving industry. He specializes in interior and exterior trim work. Ben finds the tangible/physical evidence of a hard day’s work fulfilling and rewarding.

In his free time, Ben enjoys skiing, mountain biking, cooking, and playing guitar. People are often surprised to find out that Ben is a cat person – and he admits it’s a borderline unhealthy obsession. His favorite destination is Glacier National Park in Montana and his guilty pleasure is eating too many chocolate chip cookies.



Andy is a Vermonter, born and raised. He brings more than a decade of experience in the trades, with deep and varied expertise, including work as a Certified Chimney Sweep. Andy enjoys many aspects of carpentry, but he finds siding and timber framing to be especially rewarding. His goal is having happy clients at the end of a project and he loves knowing that he’s built it just as they dreamt it.

In his free time, Andy enjoys spending time with his family and being outdoors. His hobbies include paddling, fishing, hiking, and snowboarding.


Lewis Creek Company’s core values are central to the way we work and how we approach each project and client relationship.

Advocacy for You and the Environment

We are your fiercest advocates.  Bringing all the necessary resources to bear on a project can be a complex affair with scheduling, costs, resource availability and many other elements.  Our focus is on getting you the best possible service and products.  We advocate for the materials and practices that fit with your goals.  Then we use your goals to guide us in selecting “green” materials and “green” building practices. From renewable energy, to building a home that uses natural resources wisely, we have the training, certifications, and the field-experience to make your house as “green” as you wish.


We are outstanding in our ability to be flexible in service to our clients.

Projects can have many twists and turns.  They will be both expected and unexpected.  There will be many things that come up in the course of a project that will require flexibility.  Foremost is our ability to accommodate changes and to turn difficult situations into opportunities for our clients.

Integrity and Craftsmanship

Many professionals talk about these values.  We “walk” them.  The evidence is in our work and what our clients say about us.  We are proud of our work and our involvement in our community.  Our team is highly trained in both theory and real-world experience.  We hold the virtues of integrity and craft in high esteem.  Tours of past and current projects can be arranged to demonstrate this.

Communication | Transparency | Partnership



Communication is the cornerstone of a successful project.  Absence of it results in conflict, confusion and frustration.  We strive towards clear and open communication with our clients from start to finish.  Building your home is a rare and life changing process.  It should be experienced and remembered as a positive and enriching time.


We offer as much detail as is possible related to the costs of a project, our material margins and access to our subcontractor partners.  You will see this evidenced in our quotations which are among the most detailed available.  You will also see it demonstrated in many other aspects of our daily work with you.


We offer as much detail as is possible related to the costs of a project, our material margins and access to our subcontractor partners.  You will see this evidenced in our quotations which are among the most detailed available.  You will also see it demonstrated in many other aspects of our daily work with you.


As your partner we use all channels of information to give you advice, perspective, and opinions to help you achieve your overall goals. You are in the driver’s seat when making the decisions. Our job is to give you the options, the implications of each, and our recommendations. Once you make your decisions, it’s our job to make them happen.

We partner with the highest quality trades-people from the electrical, plumbing, painting, roofing, heating and ventilation community. They are our partners because they continually demonstrate the values we articulate here.

Woven through the fabric of our partnerships is the environment and our mission to provide green, healthy, and sustainable homes. Over the last five years, we and our clients have partnered to reduce our environmental footprint by an average of more than 30%.

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